Ultraviolet lights are known to have quite a few applications and benefits, and they are most popularly known for killing most types of bacteria. The bacteria-killing power of UV lights is why they are used in hospitals and other institutions for keeping the environment clean. They are also installed in air purifiers to improve indoor air quality. A lesser-known application of UV lights is near heating and cooling systems to clean up the air inside your home and prevent the spread of bacteria, toxins, and allergens.
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However, many people argue that UV lights do nothing if they are installed inside HVAC systems. Furthermore, people can believe they are ineffective because there isn’t much accurate information on how they should be installed and how they work. We have developed an article that can help you decide whether you want to go with a UV light with your air handler and coils with this information.

What does a UV Light do?

As mentioned above, there are numerous applications for UV lights. For instance, hospitals use UV lights to clean and sterilize surgical equipment, and doctors often use them to treat minor skin conditions and disorders. You may have even seen forensics teams use them to find traces of fingerprints and blood in movies and on TV shows.

Moreover, UV lights are also used in air purifiers and can also kill mold and mildew from your air conditioning unit. Let’s see whether that is effective or not.

UV Lights for Air Handlers and Coils

Where can UV Light be installed in your HVAC unit?

The best way to find out where you can install the UV light inside your HVAC unit is to consult a professional HVAC technician who knows the ins and outs of the unit. Generally, there are two spots in the HVAC unit where you can install the light.

Inside the Indoor Coil

HVAC systems have an indoor air-handling system that also contains a coil. The indoor coil is commonplace for mold growth because of the condensation that collects around the coil. This is an appropriate point to install the UV light, as it can inhibit the growth of mold and ensure that none of it travels through the cold air inside your home. The UV light will help prevent mold growth from the start, which will help maintain a healthy environment.

Killing bacteria at the source inside the air handler can also control the further spread of bacteria into the ductwork and throughout the home.

Inside the Blower compartment

Your HVAC technician can install UV lights next to the systems blower wheel inside the air handler, which is another hot spot for bacterial growth. When the air conditioner is turned on, and the air starts blowing into your house, the UV light also goes on and starts to shine on the bacteria, mold, mildew, or allergens that try to make their way into your return duct. Once the UV light shines on them, they are neutralized. Once your HVAC system or compressor turns off, the UV light can also go off automatically if wired to do so.

Benefits of Installing a UV Light in your HVAC system

There is more than just one advantage of having a UV light installed in your air handler and coil, as well as your return duct. Here are some of the noticeable benefits that you will experience almost instantly.

Fewer Allergies

Most of the illnesses and allergies are caused by particles that enter your home through the HVAC system, and they are practically blown in with the air. If you have an allergy, you will have a hard time living comfortably in your house, and even if you don’t, the air won’t be healthy to breathe since it would have a lot of bacteria, thus leading to respiratory illnesses. Therefore, having a UV light installed inside your HVAC system would kill these allergens and toxins before they can even enter your duct.

No More Odors

If you experience a strange or different smell around your house, it may come from the HVAC vents. These odors are often caused by mold or mildew that grows inside the vents or the air handler coil, and when they keep multiplying, it can cause an awful odor that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how hard you try. However, if you get a UV light, it can help eliminate all of these odors and ensure a safe and odor-free living environment inside your home.

Better Airflow

The growth of bacteria and allergens inside the ducts of your HVAC system also inhibits the airflow, which puts pressure on the compressor and blower to work harder than they need to. By having a UV light installed in your return duct, you can ensure that these contaminants don’t block the way of the cool air from the HVAC system so that your home stays at the right temperature and the air conditioner isn’t overworked. Reducing stress on your HVAC system will also result in lower maintenance costs, and you will have to clean up your air ducts less frequently.

More Efficient Cooling

Naturally, when your ducts don’t have a buildup of mold, mildew, bacteria, or any contaminants, they will ensure that the airflow is maintained and there is no obstruction. As a result, your HVAC system will continue to work efficiently and provide even better cooling. Keeping the coils and blower unobstructed can increase the cooling capacity of your HVAC unit by up to 30%, which is a lot! An increase in cooling capacity can also translate into lower energy costs since the compressor won’t have to work as long as before.

With this, we conclude our guide on how UV lights are installed on air handlers and coils, and as you can see in the above sections, there are many benefits if you do so. So, there is no reason for you to be skeptical about the effectiveness of UV lights inside your HVAC system. Now all you need to do is contact your HVAC technician at ProTek and tell them what you need.

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