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December 7

How To Choose the Best Time of Year To Replace Your Roof in Florida

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November 8

10 Ways to Prep Your Roof for Winter in Florida

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October 8

Roofing Inspection Checklist: How to Stay Ahead of Roof Problems

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September 30

13 Types of Roof Tile: Creative Options for Your Home

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July 25

Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

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June 1

The Benefits of Switching to Metal Roofing After Experiencing Storm Damage

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Roofing in Tampa, Fl
May 8

How to Know If Your Roof Has Storm Damage

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March 10

3 Types of Flat Roofs You Need to Know About

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February 8

What Is the Longest-Lasting Roofing Material?

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Flat Roofing in Tampa, FL
January 16

12 Options in Roofing Materials and Their Average Price Points

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