Why Protek is the Best Choice for You
Whenever your HVAC system starts developing problems or a leakage on your roof that is causing water to seep through and ruin your furniture, you are often scrambling to find a reliable and experienced repair service provider. Finding such a provider that can fix everything on time and deliver top-quality services for the best prices can be even more difficult.

When you are thinking about getting things repaired around the house, you don’t need anyone but Protek, one of the leading roofing, heating, and air conditioner service providers in Florida. And why do we call ourselves that? Let’s show you a few reasons why you should put your trust in us.

Experienced Professionals
We take pride in our team, which features some of the most experienced, well-trained, and qualified contractors, technicians, and maintenance specialists that you will find all over Florida. Together, our team holds many decades’ worth of experience under the belt, which makes them well-versed in understanding any and every issue that may arise in your roofing or HVAC systems.

Moreover, each of our team members must comply with the safety and quality standards we have set and those set by the local authorities. We make sure our employees’ credentials are in check through regular validation and certification. Therefore, no matter whether your team member visits your home, you will get the quality Protek service you expect.

Customer-Centric Services
Each of our services and endeavors is designed and planned, keeping the customer the focal point of our operations. Whether you call us with a small or big problem, our experts will take it seriously and get to work on fixing it as soon as possible so that you don’t have to suffer a minute longer. Moreover, our employees ensure that you are satisfied with the services they have provided; otherwise, they won’t rest until you are.

These services set us apart from the various roofing and HVAC repair companies that operate in the vicinity. We focus on building firmer and long-lasting relationships with all our clients. Once you get your work done from us, you won’t have to search for another contractor if you need similar services down the line.

Always Available
Another great thing about Protek is that we are always available to cater to our customers, and we don’t mean it figuratively. Our team is always at your disposal throughout the day, and our support team ensures that you get a direct line to us and relay your problems to us instantly. As soon as work is ordered, our men pick up their tools and get to work in a heartbeat.

If you didn’t get time to call during the day, and is it nighttime now? There is nothing to worry about because we have a support team that is active round-the-clock, 365 days a year. This way, even if your roofing or HVAC system gives way during the holidays or an important event, we will make sure to send our best men as soon as possible. By choosing us, you get the Protek guarantee that we will never leave you stranded.

Competitive Prices
There are hundreds of HVAC and roofing repair and replacement services in Florida alone, which means that you can go to any of them to get your work done. So, why would you choose us out of the lot? It is simple: we do quality work at much lower prices than our competitors. Therefore, even if you go to a well-reputed repair company, you won’t find lower rates than we offer.

We understand the disturbance you experience when your HVAC system stops working or a hole in your roof that keeps dripping rainwater. Therefore, we make sure that your repair work is done as smoothly and professionally as possible and that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

World-class Customer Service
As mentioned above, we have a top-of-the-line customer support team in place to deal with customer queries, orders, complaints, and other types of calls. Moreover, each of our employees is trained in dealing with customers professionally and politely. We understand that the HVAC or roofing damage or malfunction in your home can play on your nerves, which is why our contractors, technicians, and maintenance specialists interact with you in a civilized and polite manner.

After work is completed, our team is instructed to double-check everything, following which the customer also inspects to see if the job done meets their expectations. Until and unless you give us the thumbs up, we won’t budge from our places.

Free Estimation
We are not one of those roofing and HVAC repair companies that charge their customers even to estimate the cost required to get the work done. Once you convey your problem to us, we set up an appointment with you, and our inspection team visits your home to look at the damage they have to fix. After that, they give you a quick rundown of the necessary work and a safe estimate of the cost it will incur.

Even if you don’t choose us for the repair work, we still don’t charge you a penny for our consultation services. We work with complete integrity and honesty and wouldn’t want you to suffer in any way.

Once you give us a call, we try to fix your problem within hours so that you don’t have to feel cold while your heating isn’t working, or vice versa. Because of this reason, and the ones mentioned above, we continue to be one of Florida’s best HVAC and roofing companies. If you want to know more about what we do or have a problem that you can’t seem to find the solution to, give us a call and let us take it from there. At Protek, we always listen to our customers!

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