The air condition is the central part of every residence in summers, and you can’t leave it on its own. Therefore, It requires proper maintenance to work effectively for a longer time, but how would you know that is it time to replace your AC?

The average life of an incredible AC is around 10 to 12 years, and then you have to make some serious decisions. Now it is a fact that you need to perform the proper cleaning of your AC to maintain its working capacity.

Central air conditioning is an expensive investment due to which many of us prefer repairing instead of replacing it after so many years.
So it’s essential to know the right time for replacing the Air conditioner. Here we will share some signs that help understand whether your AC needs repair or replacement. If you also feel discomfort in your air condition, this guide is for you.

What is the right time to replace my old AC?

It is essential to replace the AC at the right time. We understand that replacing an air conditioning unit can be expensive, but what about the regular repair costs? So it is wise to make timely decisions.

The AC was installed for more than 10 to 12 years.

If your AC is above its average age, then it might need replacement. Remember that old air condition systems have started showing more problems and demand frequent repair.
It will become the red flag for the air conditioner system to replace and save you hundreds of dollars to spend on the repair. Moreover, if AC doesn’t meet its average life expectancy, it regularly conducts its maintenance services.

The AC unit starts using the R-22 refrigerant.

It is one of the crucial symbols that demand the quick replacement of the AC unit. The coolant leak from the unit is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.
The R-22 is famous as the Feron that helps gain the desired cooling temperature. When the R-22 raises its emission levels, it leaks and causes issues. If we compare the cost of R-22 repair and sum up, it is more than the replacement cost. The cost of R-22 is around$40 to $170, meaning the R-22 can be a pricy investment in your old air conditioners.

A sudden increase in electricity bills.

Electricity bills compose most of the utility amounts. So if it increases or fluctuates from previous years, you need to access your home appliances. Usually, summer bills have the high cost of air conditioner electricity expenditure.
What if your AC starts consuming too much energy? It means the mechanism of the machine is dropping. Hence, it requires more energy to provide sufficient cool air. If the system adds more energy costs, you can have a lousy financial future. We strongly suggest replacing the unit on time and saving your high bills.

Repair seems less effective.

The AC needs regular maintenance and repair services for its significant efficiency. But if the repair seems less effective and requires more frequent services, you have to think twice.
As the air conditioners grow old, it needs regular maintenance, but if the unit is OK, then it works well. However, if the AC system seems less potent after the repair, it will exceed its average life expectancy.
Therefore, when your AC unit demands a short-term fix and gives long-term problems every year, maybe replacing it is a better idea.

Start making strange noises.

When you hear a strange noise from your AC, it can be an alarming situation. Take immediate notice and find out the exact source. If the noise comes from the engine, then it’s time for a replacement.
Usually, the duct system also has blockages that cause noises and need repair or replacement. If your AC passes the average life expectancy and starts producing noises, then take notice and replace it.

House accumulates more dust.

Many of us don’t relate the house dust with AC issues. Your air condition system can start throwing dust in your house due to high buildup inside it. However, in such cases, the primary issue is with the ductwork. If the duct has leaks, it is not a good sign, and it’s time to invest in your new air conditioning unit.

The efficiency and cost for repair and replacement.

The cost of replacement is always higher than the repair. The most significant fact is that we spend the small expenditures on repairs instead of a one-time investment in replacing the unit.
As the AC gets old, you have to pay more maintenance services that require a cost. Moreover, the repair cost will not help increase efficiency like the new units. The old AC also lacks warranty and more chances of breakdown, especially some practical parts. So in such cases, the repairing processes are not efficient for the proper working of the AC.
If we talk about the cost of AC replacement and repair, it has significant differences. The general repair cost of an AC unit is around $160. If there are some critical issues, this cost may also range to $1800, depending on several factors.
The replacement cost depends on several factors, including brand, size, and location. However, the average replacement cost is $4500 to $6500.
If we compare both costs and efficiency, replacing the air condition at the right time is wise.

When only AC repair is helpful.

Yes, there are some situations when only repair helps get the significant efficiency of AC. If you recently installed a new AC unit, ensure regular maintenance services. It will help maintain the AC condition longer and experience effective results.
Coming down to the last straw, if you feel some minor issues except the frequent breaking, we suggest you spend some money repairing and extending its life for some more years.
However, an air conditioner that exceeds its average life demands frequent repairs, in that case, no one would like to waste their hard-earned money, and you should replace it on time.

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