If you reside in humid regions, especially in Florida, you’d not be surprised when we tell you how the weather can get. At times, it is unbearable to sit without an AC unit at your disposal.

However, even this seems like a far-fetched possibility when the AC unit you have isn’t according to the speed you prefer. This article will cover everything to ensure that you have all the knowledge regarding variable speed fans and the stages of the newest HVAC units in general.

All we ask for you is to continue sitting on that chair of yours and scroll!

What is the Two-cooling stage in an HVAC unit?
This stage primarily showcases that your HVAC has two distinct levels of operation according to the purpose they are to be utilized. The first one is the high stage for the hot summer days, and then you have the low setting for slightly milder days.

The deal with this two-stage unit is that it can run at its total capacity when you desire it, and similarly, when you don’t, you can always lower the level. Compared to the single-stage compressors that will turn off when an optimal level of cooling is reached, the two-stage is variable and depends on your need.

What are a few benefits of the Two-Stage HVAC Unit system?
Some advantages that you can reap primarily through a Two-Stage System entail:

Less energy consumption which therefore prevents your electricity bill from skyrocketing.
A low setting requirement which puts less strain on the HVAC unit.
The lifespan of a Two-Stage HVAC unit is longer due to the few repairs that are needed.
Affordable and highly efficient in delivering results.
The Two-Stage HVAC unit is your ideal option in Florida, which is already impacted severely by the pandemic, and costs have to be saved.

If you purchase it from verified sellers, it does come with a warranty and a price tag that doesn’t constrain your budget.

What is a Multi-Stage HVAC unit?
If you look at the Multi-Stage air conditioning unit, what distinguishes it from its counterparts is the compressor that it uses.

Here, the compressor is variable speed capable of operating at five or more stages and matched with an air handler whose prime objective is to limit humidification and adjust airflow inside your valuable households. The result is an excellent degree of comfort.

This unit is increasingly becoming popular in Florida because it can automatically discern the temperature of your room and then provide it with the cooling it needs.

What are some advantages associated with the Multi-Stage HVAC unit?
A Steady cool air stream: The unit at hand will provide a cool stream of air, and that too with an improvement in precision while balancing out the temperature and humidity that persist in the air.
Efficient: It operates in a lower setting, and the electricity consumption is also less; it can run for longer and more frequent cycles.
Impeccable lifespan: With cycles that are longer and productive in providing the desired amount of cooling, the lifespan of the Multi-Stage HVAC unit is prolonged. Thus, you can bid goodbye to expensive repairs, as you won’t be needing one anytime soon.
Thus, if you are a resident in Florida, where the sun loves to make an appearance, and you are often left frying like a French Fry, then the Multi-Stage works perfectly. However, whether you choose a Multi-Stage or a Two-Stage HVAC unit will depend on what it is that your aim is.

Why is having the Variable Speed Fans Significant?
If you are getting an HVAC unit in a supermarket based in Florida, then the staff working wouldn’t be able to showcase the need for a variable speed air handler to you properly.

One should always purchase from qualified licensed contractors, not merely salespeople who do not understand the mechanics behind the manufacturing of the HVAC unit in the first place.

But, this is an area where you should be brushing up on your knowledge as an air handler is vital. The air handler is a component of your system that successfully circulates the conditioned air within your home.

What are some benefits attached with the Variable Speed Air Handler?
The advantages are inclusive of:

Being energy efficient: As the air handler can run constantly, it does so at a lower level. Running at a lower level allows energy conservation where your system won’t have to turn off or on incessantly.
It offers superior air quality: As the fan’s movement is constant, this allows for unparalleled air ventilation and acts as a dehumidifier and air filter, especially in humid regions.
Comfort at its peak: You can consistently main the temperature that you prefer without being blasted with air all at once.
Quiet and peaceful: A variable speed air handler runs when it has to, and due to this, you won’t have to experience any noise, which is often the case with numerous air handlers out there.
The Bottom Line: You as a Consumer have the power to decide!
In essence, whatever decision you make on the type and the kind of HVAC unit, our purpose, which was to enhance your HVAC system-related knowledge, has attained fruit.

Whether you are living in Florida, or for that matter, any part of the world, you have to bear under consideration that before splurging money, you need to identify your needs.

Do you need excellent cooling? Are you trying to purchase an HVAC system that conserves your energy bill? There are, of course, a variety more questions that come to mind; however, now that you have the information, you can pay greater attention to equipment such as variable speed fans and why they are imperative.

In the end, we always ask our consumers and followers to conduct their research right, and once they do, they are ready to begin the HVAC shopping spree like a pro!

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