Do you have obsolete roof tiles? After a storm, that could be an important concern, especially with insurance roof damage claims. At Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar, we keep the details in mind for better roofing results and experience. We even use drone roof inspection so we can carefully check roofing with fragile materials like tile without risking damage. Obsolete roof tiles can create challenges in roof repairs and insurance claims, but we plan ahead and use our experience to get you great roofing results. To help you become informed about tile roof repairs and replacement, especially in light of the recent hurricane, we offer some background on obsolete tile concerns and a list of some of the more common tiles used on Florida homes that are now obsolete.

Tile Roofs Need More Repairs in Florida

Roof tiles have an anticipated life span of many decades under normal circumstances, but here in Florida, it’s much more common to have tile damage from the extreme weather we experience. Obsolete roof tiles are difficult or impossible to replace with matching colors, and even more importantly, with interlocking shapes that maintain your home’s protection with a proper seal. We’re proud of the tile roofs we install here in Florida, using materials that are designed to last and weather through storms, and our roofers carefully ensure a tight fit. When major storms blow or accidents happen, though, often years after the roofing is performed, replacement tiles may be scarce and demand for them may be considerable.

Dealing with a Damaged Tile Roof in Florida

If your home has a beautiful tile roof, it’s likely to be the result of a careful, craftsmanlike process that provides protection due to the hardiness of tile materials and the expert interlocking of the tiles. The beautiful colors of the tile material are the result of a consistent batch of material from a single source, and unfortunately those materials reach the end of production at some point. When they do, if you don’t have a stock of replacement tiles sufficient to perform repairs from storm damage other other harm, you’ll face color and fit compatibility issues when seeking alternative sources for similar tiles.

Identifying Obsolete Roof Tiles

The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance lists commonly checked tile types as of October, 2022 that are used and formerly produced in Florida, from Pioneer, Currier, Entegra, Wallin, Pioneer, Bender and/or Hanson. Our roofing experts have more extensive information if yours is not listed here, or if you don’t know what type you have. If it’s necessary to check the tiles currently on your roof, please let our experienced roofers do it for you, for safety and the integrity of your roof. We can help you navigate the process of determining whether your tile type is obsolete and if so, what the best options are for repairing or replacing your tile roof promptly.

You’ll find that the benefit of our experience helps you avoid accepting less than you are entitled to in terms of restoring your roof, and also avoids delaying restoration due to supply chain issues.
  • Wallin/Pioneer Cottage Shingle
  • Pioneer flat
  • Hanson/Pioneer/Bender Palema
  • Hanson/Pioneer/Bender Nordic flat
  • Flat or “S” tile labeled “Pioneer”
  • Hanson flat including Horizon/Slate/Southern Shake/Victorian Slate/Old World
  • Hanson/Pioneer Hacienda
  • Flat or “S” tiles labeled “Lifetile”
  • Hanson Regal
  • Entegra Valencia
  • Entegra Skandia flat
  • Entegra Estate manufactured in Indian-town or Pompano Beach
  • Boral Lifetile “BUSA”
  • Entegra Europa (WAVE)
  • Entegra Bella S Tile
  • Boral Spanish S Nuevo

The Problems with Obsolete Roof Tiles

Roof tiles provide proper protection only when they accurately interlock with each other. Using similar tiles or aftermarket replacements can look like a good fit, but it’s often not as tight as original tiles, and leaks are more likely. Color variations are also common, producing an undesirable appearance on your beautiful roof. When the production of these tiles ends and they become obsolete, the materials, molds, and methods used to produce them are no longer available.

Insurance Companies and HOAs

If storm damage or other problems occur and a claim is necessary, our skilled roofing experts can help you work through the question of whether your roof should be repaired or replaced. In Florida, there are some important legal considerations that come into play when a roof made of obsolete tiles is damaged. With our support, if roof replacement is the right choice for quality protection and appearance, it’s important to make that case to the insurance company. You may also find that your HOA has an interest in how you handle your roof repair or replacement, and we can help with that as well.

Making Informed Decisions About Your Tile Roof

Careful inspections by Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar can lay the groundwork for storm damage roofing insurance claims as well as estimates for regular roofing services. With tile roofs, we’re quite careful as we check the details of your roofing protection, using drone-based techniques to check edges and other hard-to-reach areas. We recommend regular inspections to check your roof’s condition and make sure it’s not being affected by overhanging trees or other factors that may lead to degradation. After major storms or other situations where damage is suspected, another inspection will show the changes that require remediation.

Making Informed Decisions About Your Tile Roof

Tile Market Availability Can Vary

As a roofing company in Florida, Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar is involved in tracking the availability of shingles, tiles, membranes, and other materials for our customers’ roofs. We want you to have the best materials, obtained as quickly as possible, even when the supply chains are disrupted by various factors including widespread hurricane damage. When you work with us, we’re your advocate for a top quality roof in a timely manner, even in chaotic times.

Custom Manufacturing Roofing Tiles

In some cases, individual replacement tiles can be custom manufactured to attempt to match those on your roof. Our experts can provide further information on whether this is a possible solution for your roof repair, and whether the results are likely to be satisfactory. Considerations of fit and color match, especially as the tiles age, may be a concern.

Tile Boneyards Can Provide Options

Tile boneyards are the used parts yards of the roofing industry. They collect old tiles, typically recovered from demolition of existing roofs, and make them available as a possible solution for repairing. In specific situations where the disadvantages of recovered parts are outweighed by their advantages such as fit, they can be considered as an option.

Your Florida Tile Roofing Experts

At Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar, the bottom line is always “comfort and coverage under one roof.” We’re here to serve, as we have been for many years, and help you keep your home’s roof protection in great shape. Because of the current state of the roofing industry post-hurricane in Florida, it’s important to weigh all options in getting your roof properly repaired in a reasonable time frame. For roof inspections and help with getting the full damage restoration you’re entitled to in Florida, call Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar today!

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