The roof is one of the biggest components of your house that require proper care and maintenance. Investing in the repair and maintenance of your roof is one of the most important things you have control over, as it can increase or decrease your home’s value. If you are considering buying a house or are just looking for ways to save money in general, it is vital that you consider the roof’s condition. This article will provide you with some tips on how to maintain your roof to last long in Tampa, FL.

Conduct Proper Insulation

Attic insulation not only lowers the temperature inside in winter and keeps it at a comfortable level during the summer but also reduces condensation. When insulation is installed correctly, the moisture that forms on a roof’s surface is trapped by air movement rather than creating puddles on your windowsills. We suggest the Quinn Therm QR PIR Insulation Board as the most effective high-performance rigid insulation board since it is capable of excellent thermal resistance. The insulation board comes with composite foils on both sides, which help in lowering emissivity.


Venting is essential because moisture can condense inside your attic and cause mold and mildew to grow when there isn’t enough airflow. As much as possible, you want to open up your roof so that fresh outdoor air can enter continuously and regulate humidity levels to prevent these issues from happening. Ensure that:

  • Drainage pipes are sloped downwards toward the drains
  • There is proper ventilation around the pipes, so they don’t freeze during the winter months.
  • You add extra heat during the summer months with the help of a pergola or garden canopy.

Seek Professional Roof Inspection

Most homeowners tend to avoid professional roof inspection to save time and money by taking care of their roof themselves, but this is not always the best option. For instance, if you notice shingles or other roofing material that have been damaged, it’s essential to have it professionally repaired as soon as possible.

If you notice any damage from wind or hail, you need to quickly call a professional roofer to address the problem before it does more damage to your home’s structure and soft materials, such as carpeting. It would be best to consider contracting service providers such as Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar, willing to facilitate the repairs and offer preventive maintenance at affordable rates.

Take Care of Your Gutters

The roof gutters are crucial in extending the life of your roof. Clogged rain gutters can damage your roof and make it harder for the rainwater to flow away from your home, which is a crucial defense against ice dams. Make sure that you regularly clean them out! An annual check-up is usually recommended as well since it will help you spot any potential problems early on and help keep debris out of the gutters, so they don’t overflow.

Have an experienced technician install a gutter guard to prevent ice from causing damage to your gutters. Snow and ice buildup is a problem that tends to occur during the winter months in the Northeast, and you should be well prepared before they come. If left without being removed, the ice can cause damage to your gutters and the exterior siding at some point.

Inspect for Signs of Degradation

Roofs can deteriorate over time due to harsh weather conditions, such as exposure to intense ultraviolet rays from the sun. Conducting an inspection will help you detect signs that indicate your roof may need repairs. Some of these signs may include cracked tiles, discoloration around the edges of some tiles, and missing nails or screws on shingles. Other signs may include sagging roof areas where sections have pulled apart, chipped or cracked shingles and dampness after rainstorms.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Among the tips to prolong your roof’s life is keeping your roof clean. The roof will last longer and improve the appearance, reduce instances of decay, and increase the value of your property. A vacuum cleaner is an effective way to clean dirty spots from the roof. However, it would help if you brushed away any loose objects that might fall onto your roof, like pine needles and leaves.

Consider using a garden hose with an attached sprayer if your roof is made of shingles and avoid the use of a pressure washer which may cause the shingles to loosen, leading to a damaged roof. It is advisable to clean the roof on a calm, cloudy day since the sun may cause the bleach to evaporate too quickly hence reducing the cleaning results.

Treat the Roofing Materials

The materials used for roofing require chemical treatment to extend their life and maintain the roof’s integrity. The chemicals used in treating roofing materials include:

  • Zinc oxide
  • Alumina
  • Silicon dioxide

Zinc oxide is used to treat the slates and the other materials used to make the roofs. A silicon dioxide coating is applied to the roofing material because it helps prevent rotting and prevents them from developing cracks. Alumina is used in treating plywood that makes up for the roof’s interior. It also helps maintain its integrity and prevents mold and mildew buildup, which leads to leaks.

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

Another essential step to avoid damaging your roof is to trim overhanging tree branches. Over time, these branches can rub on the shingles and eventually wear them down. So if you have trees near your house, invest in some pruning shears and start trimming.

Seal Any Cracks in Pipes or Chimneys

If there are cracks in the pipes or chimney of the house, seal the water cracks. Plumbing leaks and chimney leaks cause significant problems for roofs by letting water into them. Use caulk and a caulking gun to seal any cracks around the chimneys. The sealant should preferably be silicon or acrylic latex-based since it can better withstand heat and fire compared to other caulk sealants.

Getting Rid of Ice Dams

Removing ice dams can be difficult; however, there are a few things you can do to prevent ice dams. In the early stages of the roof’s life, it is recommended that you shingle over existing roof gutters with new gutter guards, so ice and snow from the roof don’t get pushed back toward the roof’s edge by gutter systems. Filling any cracks on your roof will also help water run away from your housekeeping it drier.

Enhance Airflow

Extreme temperatures can cause your roof to expand in the winter and summer. Invest in a ridge vent to maintain appropriate ventilation. We offer everything you need, from soffit ventilation to over fascia strips, loft trays, and tile vents to enhance your roof’s airflow.

Install Flashing around Chimneys and Vents

Chimneys and vents can allow water to seep in through cracks or gaps, which over time will cause damage to your home or even lead to mold/water damage inside your home. Remember to inspect your flashing regularly. If it is damaged or old, replace it as soon as possible to prevent future any future.

You must take care of your roof since it is a critical element of your home. The tips above offer some of the best ways to maintain your roof for a prolonged life span. Our company offers professional services that include:

  • Roof replacement
  • Commercial roofing
  • Roof Repair
  • Storm Damage
  • HVAC cooling, heating and products
  • GAF products
  • Indoor Air Quality services, ductwork, insulation and ductless mini splits

If you are in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas and need fairly priced expert services, contact us today at Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar and we will be more than glad to be of help.


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