When you’re having trouble with your HVAC system or are considering an upgrade, you may be hesitant about contacting a licensed professional. They do tend to be more expensive than your average handyman. However, there are many reasons that you really should consider hiring a licensed HVAC contractor over a traditional handyman.

Adequate Training

A home heating and cooling system is a large financial investment for most homeowners. You want to ensure that it gets installed and repaired correctly. An HVAC contractor has to showcase their understanding of heating, cooling, and ventilation through an exam before they are authorized to provide services in your area. This means that anyone who is currently offering HVAC services has the proper training and knowledge to perform services safely and correctly in your home.


Another great reason that you should always consider hiring an HVAC contractor for all of your heating and cooling needs is that they have insurance. Your average handyman may not have insurance coverage. If something goes wrong during the installation or repair process, you may find yourself battling the costs out with your handyman. With an HVAC professional, you can rest assured that they have insurance coverage that will handle the replacement costs of any damage that accidentally occurs during their service or installation calls.

Specialized Tools

Just as in any career field, there are specialized tools that the professionals utilize to provide top-quality service. When it comes to HVAC professionals, they have expert tools that they use to handle the various components of your heating and cooling systems. For example, they have gauges, tanks, and dyes to help with refilling your system’s refrigerant. Without these specialized tools, they wouldn’t be able to safely repair or install your new heating system. If you hire a handyman at first, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to end up hiring a licensed HVAC contractor as well to provide the right tools to complete the job correctly.

They Know Code Standards

In order for an HVAC professional to obtain an operating license for your area, they must understand and showcase their knowledge of code standards regarding HVAC systems. This means that when they install or even work on your heating or cooling system, they know how to do so following the updated codes in your area. It’s unlikely that your average handyman is going to have the specific knowledge of codes related to HVAC systems in your area. If they do the work, they may violate code standards. This could turn into an expensive problem for you going into the future, such as when you’re undergoing an inspection or trying to sell your home.

Ensure Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a new heating or cooling system, it will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You may be under the false assumption that this warranty is automatic. In reality, most manufacturers require that a licensed HVAC contractor do the installation. Otherwise, the system warranty is void before it even gets started. Most manufacturers will even require you to have an HVAC professional perform any repairs and annual maintenance on your system to keep your warranty coverage active.

Fast Diagnosis

When you’re having trouble with your heating or cooling system, a licensed HVAC contractor is your best bet. They have a plethora of experience dealing with all sorts of HVAC-related issues. When they show up, they will be able to quickly diagnose the issue and repair it. When you opt for a handyman who doesn’t work with HVAC systems on a regular basis, it can take them a long while to actually diagnose the issue. This is a waste of your valuable time and will ensure that you go uncomfortably without heated or cooled air for longer.

Identify Foreseeable Issues

Another great reason that you should always opt for a licensed HVAC contractor over a general handyman is that they have HVAC-specific knowledge. Whenever they’re performing repairs or services on your system, they can easily spot foreseeable issues. This can alert you of problems that can be fixed before your system unexpectedly breaks down on you. This can save you from a lot of stress when it comes to avoiding an emergency breakdown.


Those who are licensed in the HVAC field are knowledgeable about proper safety measures to keep both themselves and your home safe. In fact, they have to prove their knowledge of safety to obtain an operating permit in your area. A handyman doesn’t have to undergo the same safety check. There are many components of your HVAC system that can be hazardous to your family if not utilized correctly. For example, large amounts of refrigerant and exhaust fumes can be highly dangerous. A licensed HVAC professional will be able to ensure that your system is removing these hazardous exhaust fumes correctly and will make sure that refrigerant is handled in a safe manner.

They’re Current on Recent Technology

There’s no denying the fact that HVAC technology continues to change on a regular basis. HVAC technicians are constantly keeping up to date with the latest technology that is produced in their field. Your typical handyman isn’t likely to do this. Rather, they will be operating based on knowledge of outdated HVAC systems. This can hinder their ability to properly diagnose and repair your new HVAC system.

Peace of Mind

When you opt for a licensed HVAC technician, you’re getting the cream of the crop. These are the individuals who have the right knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to do any HVAC-related job correctly. Just knowing this can give you peace of mind about your next HVAC service appointment. When you opt for hiring a handyman, you never know if the issue is something they’ll have the knowledge and tools to fix. Rather, you remain on the edge of your seat, waiting to see if they can handle the issue or if you’re going to need to spend more money on hiring an HVAC professional because they couldn’t complete the job.

Save Yourself Time

Lastly, hiring a licensed HVAC professional is a great way to help save yourself time and stress. HVAC professionals will come to your home with the right tools, will diagnose your issue quickly, get the repair parts you need through their pre-established part dealers, and fix the problem quickly. Since HVAC professionals do this type of work every day, they have the right vendors, tools, and experience to handle any problem that may crop up. With one call, you can easily get the professional assistance that you need without having to spend time calling around from handyman to handyman to see who has adequate knowledge to work on your heating or cooling system.

Professional HVAC Services

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