As of late 2022, the U.S. had a national solar capacity that had passed 135,700 megawatts. This represents enough solar capacity to power an astounding 24 million homes! It’s no surprise that solar energy is increasingly becoming the way of the future. Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar in Tampa, FL, has helped lead the charge with our professional solar panel installations. However, the best way to decide whether to switch for your home is to consider the pros and cons of solar energy.

What Are the Cons of Using Solar Energy?

Solar energy pays for itself over time and can make you non-reliant on your area’s power grid. This doesn’t mean it is without some cons, though. The following are some of the top cons or complaints that people who use solar power have pointed out.

The Size of Solar Panels Can Be Cumbersome

To power an entire building requires a large solar array. That way, the inefficiencies in each panel won’t stop your solar power from working properly. It’s also possible that you’ll need a bulky mechanical orientation system if you want your panels to follow the sun. The good news is that you won’t typically need an orientation system to power a home.

Deterioration of the Panels

Solar panels must be out in the sun to collect energy, but being in the sun all the time will eventually cause them to be harmed by ultraviolet rays. Additionally, wind, hail, temperature fluctuations, dirt, rain, etc. can all be problematic.

The Initial Cost

No matter how much you love the idea of solar panels, you’re going to have to accept their high cost, too. There are several ways to bring the price down, including looking into tax credits and subsidies, but it will still take a while until your solar panels pay for themselves. However, if you care about the environment, you may be willing to undertake this.

Possible Environmental Pollutants

Speaking of the environment, it may surprise you to learn that solar panels pose some environmental risks. Of course, many things must go wrong for these pollutants to be released into the atmosphere. The first pollutant, cadmium, remains harmless unless old panels are disposed of incorrectly. The second pollutant, lead, won’t cause an issue if you recycle your dead batteries. In other words, you have the ability to keep these harmful substances right where they belong.

Their Appearance Can Leave a Lot To Be Desired

We understand that no matter how much you love the idea of solar panels, they can be unsightly. Many people don’t want all the attention that comes with installing a large solar array on their roof. The good news is that solar panels are constantly being improved. For example, photovoltaic shingles and windows will make your house look much nicer while still giving you the benefits of solar power.

Roof Repairs Become More Complicated

Finally, you may run into issues with roof repairs once your roof is covered in solar panels. However, there is an easy way to put off needing repairs for several years. All you have to do is complete any necessary roof repairs before installing a solar array.

Storing Solar Power Is Expensive

Storing solar power to use when your neighborhood has a power outage has traditionally been pretty expensive. This particular con is becoming less and less of a problem, though. Old batteries such as lead acid batteries are currently in the process of being replaced by alternatives, including nickel-based and lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, flow batteries and other brand-new technologies hold a lot of promise for durable, scalable power storage.

What Are the Pros of Using Solar Energy?

Now that we’ve looked at all the potential cons of using solar power in Tampa, FL, let’s turn our attention to the pros of solar energy.

Solar Power Is a Renewable Energy Source

Unlike typical electricity, using solar power is clean. It’s impossible to use this resource completely. Solar doesn’t produce any carbon emissions, nor any other greenhouse gases. Plus, you’ll avoid the environmental damage that’s associated with drilling or mining for fossil fuels. Solar power also uses only a scant amount of water, which makes it much better than power plants that use steam turbines to generate electricity. All in all, solar is simply the best energy source you can use at home to help the environment.

Avoid Power Outages With Solar Panels

As long as you use battery storage for your solar panels, you’ll be able to go through a power outage without even noticing! This is so important for Florida residents, where the power goes out more often than the national average. You’ll be able to avoid using a generator, too, which is expensive.

Save Money With Solar

We’ve noted the initial cost of installing solar panels, but you will save money in the long run. Not only can you take advantage of any tax credits, but you can also save lots of money on your energy bills.

Solar Panels Are Becoming Cheaper

The price of solar panels keeps decreasing. From new developments in solar technology to the federal tax credit worth 30% of what you paid, it’s getting easier and easier to get an affordable price.

Solar Power Will Likely Increase Your Home’s Value

Your home was an investment; putting solar panels on it can increase its value. A study conducted by Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that people view solar panels like any other house upgrade.

Most of the Country Has a Good Climate for Solar Panels

Although there are some places that can’t generate enough electricity through solar power, living in the contiguous U.S. means this won’t be a problem for you. In other words, residents of the Tampa area definitely don’t have to consider their local climate before making the switch!

Solar Panels Have Low Maintenance Costs

Did you know that the average lifespan of a solar panel is 25 years? The only thing you’ll have to do to maintain them is keep them in good physical condition, including cleaning them. Unlike your city’s electrical system, solar panels don’t have moving parts, which means you won’t have to repair them, either frequently. This makes the initial investment much more worthwhile, and it’s yet another way you can save money by switching to solar energy!

Ready To Install Your New Solar Panels?

Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar provides solar panel installation to the Tampa area, and we make it as easy as possible to pay for our services. We are also proud to offer heating and AC repair, installation, and maintenance. As a full-service home comfort company, Protek Roofing, Heating, Air & Solar also provides roofing services, air duct cleaning, insulation work, and indoor air quality services. Be sure to ask about our Gold Club maintenance agreement to help you care for your equipment for an affordable price. Whether we’re installing solar panels, a new roof, or an HVAC system, we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction with our work.

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